Wall Mounted Shelves for Trendy Interior Decoration

wall mounted shelvesSpace optimization is nothing new in today’s society, especially with space now being more expensive. In order to maximize your storage space, all you’ve got to do is look up. For storage, it’s best to do wall mounted shelving. With wall mounted shelving, you can use the wall’s vertical space to store pretty much anything.

Wall mount shelves may be a neat alternative to traditional bookcases or upright shelves. Modern materials have enabled these shelves to be very light yet very durable at the same time. Shelves mounted on the wall will become your rightful place for anything and everything from books, to porcelain collections, to family photos, to even purses.

Wall mount shelves can be very dynamic in terms of design and structure. Aside from the standard horizontal rows of shelves, these versatile and modern spaces can have asymmetrical dimensions and even curves and uneven surfaces. Whatever your house is designed to seem like; there is a mounted shelf that can match its interiors perfectly. You’ll have a simple, single-tier shelf for a few bare accents, or a full-fledged dramatic wall-size mount for many books, or photos.

If you are looking at wall mounted shelves for the purpose of heavier storage; for example, replacing a bookcase once you have no floor space available, you wish to be careful what materials you use and that it’s mounted correctly to support that kind of weight.

Bigger shelves give the illusion of more height and depth to a room, while spare accent shelves can be like 3 dimensional photo frames that give personality and thematic insights into the living room, bedroom, or dining room. The added dimension makes your space look a lot of interesting.

Published on Dec 4, 2015 | Under Cabinet | By mastikto