Wall Mounted Coat Hooks In DIY Project for Interior Accessories

wall coat hooks decorative Wall mounted coat hooks are able to provide us with somewhere to hang our coats and jackets, a space that would otherwise be wasted rather than utilized for storage. By using these coat pegs on the wall to hang our jackets from we not only provide a storage space for them but also somewhere that they can hang and dry (assuming it rained) without going into a cupboard and getting all your other clothes wet.

wall coat hooks hangerMany such coat racks made to mount to a wall are as simple as a board with pegs of some sort attached to it, for one, while others may include shelves, mirrors or other attachments.

wall coat hooks with shelfPrices for such coat racks may be very low – when discussing simple plastic hook-type racks or relatively expensive once looking at the kinds of racks that come complete with shelving and other such aids. There are also many different styles and types of coat racks that can be had from not only simple department stores but also some of the finer furniture stores.

wall coat hookswall coat rack antique

Published on Sep 21, 2016 | Under Other | By mastikto