Vintage Wooden Coffee Tables for Vintage Home Design

vintage wood coffee tableVintage wood coffee tables are normally made of reclaimed wood/lumber that was once used in old buildings, old furniture, wine barrels etc. These pieces of wood, contrary to the popular belief, are very strong and majestic though very old. This is because they were cut down from trees that grew in the twentieth century once there was completely zero pollution. Vintage wood isn’t only used for its history and strength, but also for the environmental consciousness it promotes.

vintage reclaimed wood coffee tableVintage wood coffee table of circular and rectangular shape are the most popular ones in the market. While circular tables are preferred for homes with kids and pets, rectangular tables are ideal in case you have less space. Compare costs with various furniture makers and get the rustic coffee table only if it guarantees a high return on investment.

vintage furniture coffee tableTrends in interior design keep changing over the years, and it seems that things that are rustic are here to stay. Nowadays, people are going for furniture made of rustic wood or reclaimed wood with done in surfaces, shaded colors, scars and marks.

vintage dark wood coffee table old wood coffee table

Published on Sep 20, 2016 | Under Table | By mastikto