Trendy Outdoor Rattan Patio Furniture Designs

rattan patio furnitureRattan patio furniture is one of the most trendy, elegant and sophisticated type of furniture you’ll pick to adorn your garden, patio, deck, or your conservatory with. Rattan furniture has been around for many years. Rattan is a type of vine that becomes pliable when heated thus constructed using the wicker technique, a term to describe the weaving of the heated vines to produce and build furniture.

It is possible to buy patio furniture made of natural rattan. Rattan is the name given to many species of plant that are found in parts of Asia, Australasia and Africa. It’s a climbing plant which gives it its length. After it’s been cleaned, it can be woven around a frame to produce all kinds of furniture pieces.

The most popular style of rattan furniture is the modern look. Synthetic rattan can be dyed any color from white or black to red or green, you’ll get as creative as you wish and the match the furniture items with colorful cushions.

Outdoor rattan patio furniture is also very popular with people of all ages. Lots of people get confused with the difference between wicker and rattan. It’s possible to buy a piece of furniture that’s both wicker and rattan as wicker is the process of weaving the materials during a certain way rather than the material itself.

Published on Dec 7, 2015 | Under Outdoor Furniture | By mastikto