Steelcase Think Chair for Home Office

steelcase think chair adjustmentsSteelcase think chair differs from some of Steelcase’s flagship model, the excellent Leap, in one important way. We’ll give you the bad news first. The think isn’t quite as adjustable or customizable as the Leap, which offers a nearly limitless number of possibilities. The think does not provide as many different appearance or functions.

steelcase think chair mesh backThere is an available lumbar support option which can be adjusted vertically. while the lumbar support isn’t as adjustable or intricate as on some other chairs, it’s still a nice touch and provides a bit of extra support if needed.

steelcase think chairAlthough the think isn’t quite as customizable as the Leap, there are still a lot of possibilities here. Not only can you customize the appearance of the think full, you’ll also choose between completely different materials for the seating and backing, from upholstery to Steelcase’s highly breathable 3D Knit mesh material.

steelcase think office chairThe durable design of the think ensures that it continues to perform and provide best comfort even after prolonged use. the material used for the seat portion is particularly durable, and is, thankfully, stain resistant, so even coffee spills aren’t a major problem.

Published on Oct 10, 2016 | Under Chair | By mastikto