Singer Sewing Machine Cabinets for Best Sewing Experience

singer sewing machine cabinets antique

Singer sewing machine cabinets has perfected its ways of inventing the first practical sewing machine of all times. Instead of a circular shuttle movement and a horizontally angled needle, the machine used a straight needle that worked vertically making it more convenient and easier for us to get the job done.

Singer sewing machine cabinets have great features like traverse shuttle, eye-pointed straight needle, presser foot, overhanging arm, support table, slot for a roughened feed wheel, gear operation, treadle and lock stitching. The earliest Singer machines were supported on stands and they look considerable different than the newest models. In 1859, the company patented the lock-stitch vibrating shuttles. The cabinet housing for the sewing machines became so popular after 1900.

Because it’s portable, this singer sewing machine cabinets can be easily kept aside or stored in your cabinet. This had also been ideal for those who were living in smaller houses or for students who need a sewing machine for their classes or in their dorm rooms. If you wish to add extra space, you could make use of the extension table.

Published on Mar 17, 2017 | Under Cabinet | By mastikto