Platform Storage Beds to Add Extra Space for Bedroom

platform storage bedsFor those looking for bed furniture that provides storage to leave the room clutter free and to add extra space for better convenience in the bedroom, platform storage beds are the ideal choice. There are several benefits to a platform storage bed when compared to the traditional style.

The most interesting feature of platform beds is that it also provides great space underneath for storage. As the name suggests, a platform bed is raised from ground on legs or a frame, where the mattress is placed on a solid platform instead of box springs. This leaves enough space under the bed to be used for many purposes.

platform storage beds with drawersPlatform beds are light in weight that makes them easy to assemble and dissemble them. They are also lite in terms of the price as the major expense of buying a box spring mattress is avoided. They are the most economical beds that are easy to be maintain. They come in different designs and styles and the storage spaces are also deep and broad for better storage of valuables and daily use items.

The queen platform storage bed makes your room look chic with its style and structure. The bed frame is raised on either legs or frame, made of wood and metal. They come in sort of styles which can match well with each traditional and contemporary bedrooms. One can choose the bed frame with or without head and foot ends.

platform storage beds queen sizePlatform bed storage is a simply designed bed that leaves a lot of space underneath where necessary item is stored safely. A platform bed has a bed frame that is raised from the ground on slats or platform which supports the mattress on top without the help of box springs.

The absence of the box spring mattress, that otherwise blocks the space underneath, makes the platform storage bed the most preferred alternative for small living spaces among all other bed types. Decorating is fun with a platform storage bed because you’re not limited by standard bed frames and box springs.

Published on Dec 2, 2015 | Under Bed | By mastikto