Barrister Bookcase Plans for Living Room Furniture

barrister bookcaseA barrister bookcase looks similar to a traditional bookcase, however instead of being open at the front, each shelf has a glass cover that’s hinged at the top. The purpose of these glass covers is to keep objects in the bookcase protected. The hinges open at the top to prevent the doors from getting jammed shut.

Many people use barrister bookcases to hold older books and antique items they want to keep intact. If you are a book lover then this may be the type of bookcase you would prefer to keep your most cherished books protected in.

Barrister bookcases will protect valuable books better than would an open face bookcase. The glass on the doors can keep dust, sunlight and humidity away from the books. In addition a close bookcase is less likely to entice a visitor to touch a book.

If you’re looking for an antique barrister bookcase, you can perhaps find one during a local antique store, but the search can more than likely be slow and difficult. A better choice might be to look at online options as they have access to a wider market.

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Published on Dec 16, 2015 | Under Bookcase | By mastikto